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Maintenance: Enjoy peace of mind for a lifetime!

Jewelry is to be enjoyed, admired and used, but well cared for. Some people connect emotions, memories, and special people in life to a precious jewelry piece. That is why Preciosa Jewelry nourishes that connection and helps preserve any jewelry piece for generations to come. Lifetime maintenance covers almost any jewelry mend that will ever need to be done due to daily wear and tear.

Lifetime Cleaning and Inspections

We will perform a complimentary cleaning and inspection of your jewelry as often as you would like. Request one inspection every six months to make sure your jewelry remains in good condition.

Lifetime Maintenance

When necessary our jewelers may perform complimentary maintenance tasks related to normal wear such as cleaning, tighten stones, adjusting clasps and the annual polish. If repairs outside of normal maintenance are necessary we will review the items with you and provide a repair estimate.


Maintenance includes: 

  • Polishing & Refinishing: Your treasure will not lose its shine! The lifetime maintenance includes jewelry treatments with professional polishing and refinishing that will keep your jewelry sparkling like the first time you laid eyes upon it.
  • White Gold Beauty Maintained: White gold can lose its pure and lustrous shine over years of wear. The lifetime maintenance includes upholding the beauty at no cost.
  • Chain/Necklace: Did your necklace get caught up on something? Do not worry! Lifetime maintenance covers the repair.        
  • Ring Sizing: Over a lifetime, your ring size can change, or you may decide to wear a ring on a different finger. The lifetime maintenance includes sizing of any gold, platinum or sterling silver ring.
  • Prong Re-tipping: Prongs can wear thin or become bent out over time. Multiply the number of prongs by an average cost of $15 each for re-tipping over a lifetime of wear and it is easy to see how  its six month check-up is a must have for prong set items.
  • Replacement Guarantee: If any item cannot be repaired due to product shortcoming you will receive a gift card to select a replacement item of your choice. You may select an identical item, item of equal price, or add to the value if you choose. It is the ultimate peace of mind.



Preciosa Jewelry lifetime warranty applies to the original owner of record or gift recipient. The lifetime warranty does not apply to lost, stolen, abused merchandise, chipped or broken diamonds. An item that has been damaged as a result of excessive or abusive treatment, or has been repaired by a store other than Preciosa Jewelry will void the warranty as determined solely by Preciosa Jewelry. We recommend that clients insure their jewelry against damage, theft or loss. Take care of your jewelry, they are part of you.