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The Casting Process


The design and creation of an exceptional—one of a kind—jewelry piece is one of the many qualities that set us apart from the competition. We can create the simplest design to the most complex; your imagination is the limit. You can rest assure that what you envision in drawing will be what you take home. We will not release the design until you are 100% satisfied with the final product. Our jewelers have over 20 years of professional experience to meet every customers need.                     

Every story starts with an idea, why not your jewelry.

Step1: Selecting the design/picture/drawing.

 The first step is crucial; it is putting your ideas on paper. During this step we listen to and enhance our customers vision of what will become the final product. In this stage we will collect all major aspects of the piece. For example, ring size, type of stones, metal type, and the like. 


Step 2: Wax

 Immediately after the brainstorming process we start working on the CAD design. Using the latest Matrix CAD software and the talent of our designers, we design the piece of your dreams. After the CAD design is completed we provide our customer with several rendering images of what the final product will look like. Once every detail has been approved the CAD design will be then cut out of a solid wax block. At this stage we have a physical item in wax that looks identical to what would be the final jewelry piece. Following our strict guidelines we contact the customer for final fitments or final detail enhancements. 

Step 3: Mold

 Once the final wax has been approved it will go into a casting tree. The casting tree is made out of wax that sits in a rubber base. The piece is mounted on the tree using a hot wax pen assuring that it has multiple wax supports (veins) so at the time of casting every feature of the piece would be filled minimizing errors and assuring quality. Mixing the investment at just the perfect ratio will assure that the mold is perfect minimizing the amount of cleanup that would take place in future procedures. After the mold has cured for at least 2 hours it could be placed in the oven to begin the wax melting process. At a temperature of 1100˚F for 3 hours the wax inside the mold will be melted away. The temperature will be slowly decreased to 600˚F to 700˚F for an additional 3hrs. The total time spent by the mold inside the oven ranges from 6 to 8 hours total. 

Step 4: Investment 

 The mold in this state is ready to receive the investment (gold). The mold has to have a temperature of at least 600˚F to prevent it from cracking or cooling the metal as it goes into the mold. The melting dish also gets preheated to 300˚F before the gold is added. Once the gold is inside the melting dish it gets heated to about 800˚F, which at this at this stage gold is in a liquid form. (Gold should not be excessively heated or gold will be loss in the process.) Once the gold and mold are in the correct temperatures, the mold is placed on top of the vacuum to ensure that when the gold is poured every detail on the piece gets filled with gold. (Generally thinner items require higher temperatures to allow the gold investment to flow freely before cooling to a solid state.) Once the mold is removed from the vacuum its gets cooled down in water which also disintegrates it revealing the finished cast piece. We inspect the quality of the finish casted piece, once approved we move on to the final process.


Step 5: Cleanup and details.

 Finally the piece is completed, at this stage the piece is cut from the tree and the cleanup process begins. Any additional details are added or enhanced at this step. Ring sizing adjustments would also be done if needed, stones would be mounted and secured and finally polishing the piece. Once the piece is done and approved by our jewelers eyes we are ready to present it to the customer.