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Pearl Care

Did you know that pearl restringing is necessary not just to restore the look of your pearl strands, but to preserve the quality and beauty of your pearls for years to come? Quality pearls are strung on thin silk strands which can weaken, stretch or discolor over time. Whether you are looking to preserve the style that you have always loved or to turn your existing strands into an entirely new design, we can help you.  


When should you restring your pearl showstoppers? We recommend you do when:

the pearls move between the knots;

  • the knots are dirty,
  • if you wear your pearl strands regularly, we advice to resting them once a year; and
  • if you wear your pearl strands occasionally, restring them once every two years.

See or call one of our experts today, we are happy to answer all of your concerns.


Some tips to help preserve your pearl strands:

  • Store your pearls separately from other jewelry, preferably in Preciosa Jewelry’s pouch.
  • Storing them in a slightly damp linen cloth, will also help the pearls from drying out in low-humidity atmospheres and centrally heated areas.
  • Apply your cosmetics, perfume and hair spray, before putting on your pearls.
  • Wipe your pearls after wearing them; using Preciosa Jewelry’s soft cleaning cloth.
  • Remove spills immediately when pearls come in contact with food acids. Wipe them with a soft damp cloth and then with a dry soft cloth.
  • Avoid using soap or detergents to clean pearls.