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Watch Repair

Our certified watchmakers can service and repair all high-end makes and models, regardless of age. Most watch repairs can be done while you wait, and others—depending on analysis—within seven business days. Let us preserve the life of your watch by performing a complete overhaul service. The service includes:

  • Completely cleaned movement
  • All parts will be oiled and lubricated
  • Gaskets will be replaced
  • Water sealed, pressurized, and tested (if applicable to your model)
  • The outside (case and bracelet) will be completely refurbished and restored to new condition
  • 1-year certified warranty

So whether you need a crystal, new battery, strap, pin, band adjustment or service, we encourage you to bring in your watch for a Free Estimate.


  • Watch repairs, battery and band replacements (leather, metal and rubber)
  • Quartz tune-ups
  • Replace Crystal - Plastic or mineral glass, or scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • Polish - Watch case and bracelet
  • Sizing Watch Bracelets/Strap
  • Dial Refinishing
  • Stem & Crown repaired or replaced
  • Mechanical watch repair and servicing
  • Full Service for Mechanical and Quartz Watches (details below)


Mechanical Watch Full Service
Preciosa Jewelry offers full service for mechanical watches. This will include a dis-assembly and overhaul of the movement, along with a thorough examination of all parts. We will replace damaged or worn parts and re-seal water-resistant cases. All parts are placed in special chemical solutions that are formulated to dissolve all debris, dirt, dust, and emulsify any dried out oils. Once the watch has been reassembled, special oils are applied to lubricate all essential parts. General overhaul are suggested to be performed every three years. All water-resistant watches should be tested once a year for case tightness.

Quartz Watch Full Service
Preciosa Jewelry offers full service for quartz watches. Our quartz watch services include watch dis-assembly, after which the case and bracelet are expertly polished and thoroughly cleaned in the ultrasonic, upon request. The watch battery will also be replaced. The watch is then resealed to factory specifications. We recommend that all water-resistant watches have their water resistance checked every time the battery is changed.



Watch Repair Policy

Watch repairs require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $25.00. The deposit may be applied to any work done to the watch. Any Cleaning, Oiling and Adjustment or replacement of watch movement has a one year warranty on the movement of the watch. Special conditions apply for watches sent to the factory. Battery replacement: Preciosa Jewelry is not responsible for water resistant watches after battery change if we do not perform a water test.